Enzo Angiolini

About Enzo Angiolini

Enzo Angiolini, a talented and respected footwear designer, established the brand in 1984 by creating a line of exquisitely crafted Italian footwear. Enzo loved the shoemaking craft; it was an art to him. He took a hands-on approach to everything from designing, to working with lasts and leathers, to planning infamous parties for his friends and colleagues. He was extremely creative in his work but still held true to the belief that if you try too hard to make a shoe work, it doesn’t belong in the line. Enzo’s designs reflected his personality, dedication and knowledge of his craft, which is carried through today. Enzo Angiolini passed away in 1992, in the midst of the brand’s growing success. Those close to him remember his warmth, his charismatic connections with customers at personal appearances, his dedication to his craft and his great love for his work. Enzo’s passion and spirit still lives on in today’s collections.

In keeping with the original spirit and philosophy of the brand, the Enzo Angiolini line is constantly expanding and evolving. The core of the line revolves around updated classics that are easy for women to love, while the growing fashion segment of the line embraces a more modern and feminine feel. The Italian inspired collections, rich in style and detail, include iconic women’s pumps, sandals, flats and boots.

Currently, Enzo Angiolini is in major department stores and over 130 independent retailers in the United States. Enzo Angiolini is globally represented in multiple countries, including, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, UK and much of Asia.